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DD really wants to know her father

he left when she was a month old. and has stayed away ever sense. there is ALOT to the story but basically he has another family in another state and doesnt want that compromised by our daughter. he hasnt gotten ahold of me in over 3 years and basically wants nothing to do with our daughter. We have mutual friends however that he talks to and they have told me "someday" he said he will come around. the tough part is that i have always told dd that her dad lives far away (never knew what to say). she is almost 6 and has realised that there are such things as phones and letters, and airplanes, and cars that could potentially lead her to her father and really want to know him. She puts him on a pedistal even tho she has no idea how much he doesnt want to be apart of her life. I cannot tell her that OBVIOUSLY but i am running out of things to say. I do have her dads number but i refuse to call him only to be told he wants nothing to do....or simply hang up and change his number. (something he has done several times in the past).

I also have a 2 year old son that doesnt know his father as well luckily he is young enough he doesnt understand yet and considers my SO his father. my DD doesnt like it when her brother calls my SO dad because she knows that is not their dad. We are also expecting number 3 next month and she knows my SO will be babies father. She doesnt like that as well. Has even said she will tell baby sis not to call him dad. My children have never been around any man other than my SO. my son adores him and so does DD but she also knows he is not real dad. even tells him her REAL dad will be back someday to live with us....i know this is a confusion situation but i really need some advice on how to handle this. I made this bed and must sleep in it, but im really trying to give my children somewhat of a whole family situation and it seems DD just wants it to be me and the kids. (i raised her alone for 4 years before SO and i got together)
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