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Re: Can spanking cause mental illness

I watched alot of abuse towards my older sister growing up...while i did not endure the abuse i grew up to have severe mental illnesses. including ptsd evolving around seeing the abuse. Obviously this type of physical hitting is a HUGE factor in some mental illnesses when abuse as a child played a role. However, i do not beleive that a swat on the behind is something that will effect a person their entire life. Im sure i got spanked a few times in my child hood but dont recall them so it must not have been too bad right? Spanking a child with a belt, spoon, object, or even your hand to the point it leaves marks or makes a child pee themselves is abuse. however when my child runs out into the street, scares me to death, and gets a swat on the butt i see it perfectly appropriate. parents who spank their children are obviously not going to think spanking leads to mental illness. to me it just depends on how the child was raised and how much spanking was going on. if it were the punishment for EVERYTHING i can see how this might have an effect on mental health. however if a spanking occurs once in a while for something IMO is appropriate i see no harm. again this is just my opinion and i did not read the article. hehe just going off of the previous posts
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