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Re: Can spanking cause mental illness

Think about it in terms of domestic abuse . A woman who is beaten regularly by her partner is going to have severe mental issues. And if she wasn't beaten herself, she more than likely watched her mother get it. Abuse begets abuse in the next generation unless the abused gets help. My siblings are just as bad off as I am in the mental illness dept. My older sister used to get woken up to get beaten. My older brother was beaten more severely than the girls by our mother. BUT we are upstanding members of society. My eldest sister did have an alcohol problem at 16 due to our parents and the older sister have food issues. But we all decided early on we would not allow the cycle to go one more generation. The 3 girls have kids while my brother does not. I think he is still scared of women because of our mother. I know that even after being away from her toxic-ness, she still has control over him. It is sad that him being 34 and she still controls him through the abuse he suffered.

I do believe if the spanking is with other abuse it will cause permanent damage. But if we are talking about a single swat on the butt with a talk , it might temp hurt but it won't cause damage. It is about the control the person doing the hitting is trying to gain. If they aren't trying to control the person being hit then I don't think later damage will happen. It is also in the eyes of the victim.
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