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DS is teething and getting some back teeth in. He'll be a year old this weekend. I feel like I am going nuts!! He threw up all night friday night and had a fever 100.5. Saturday he was a zombie but with crying fits all day and only wanted his Pappy and for pappy to hold him (DH's dad) so we took him to see pappy and gramma. Sunday he seemed happier and the fever was gone but he still fussed and cried on and off all day. Today he wouldn't nap, won't eat anything but pretzel sticks, wouldn't drink anything but a few sips of water once in a great while. He hasn't peed in the last 7 hours. I'm worried. He's been fussing since friday and hasn't slept through the night much since either. DH and I are at our wits end and exhausted from sleep deprivation. I feel so bad for DS. I've tried everything I could think of. Anyone have any suggestions? When I gave him tylenol tonight he threw up on me after fighting it. Should I take him to the Dr tomorrow or just wait it out. It's definitely teeth but I've never had this much of a problem before.
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