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Originally Posted by kaylabelle05
I do believe if the spanking is with other abuse it will cause permanent damage. But if we are talking about a single swat on the butt with a talk , it might temp hurt but it won't cause damage. It is about the control the person doing the hitting is trying to gain. If they aren't trying to control the person being hit then I don't think later damage will happen. It is also in the eyes of the victim.
Certainly abuse is damaging. But where does spanking become hitting/abuse? Honestly curious. An occasional swat on the butt? What about a swat on the butt for every infraction? The same force swat once the child isn't in diapers? Leaving a handprint? At what point exactly does a spanking turn into hitting? Does doing it from anger or 'with love' matter?

As for control, what other purpose do most forms of discipline serve? We are trying to control the behavior of our children through punishments, rewards, and consequences. I personally see very few parents trying to teach anything, just end an undesired behavior, whether it's hitting, biting, running off, not listening, night waking, in my 'real' life I see very few parents who care about the WHY of the behavior or teaching the WHY NOTs, and only care that it stops. It's really very sad.
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