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Re: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help me potty train my DS

Originally Posted by LittleABC View Post
I am so afraid of him peeing all over the house with naked time.
I'm currently potty learning my 21 month old son with naked time, and honestly, he's naked all day long. The first week or so was rough, with tons of accidents, and he wouldn't even dream of sitting on the potty. And yes, I had accidents all over the house, but I have hardwood floors, so nothing a mop and some antibacterial Mr. Clean didn't fix. The last couple days have been great, though. He comes and gets me or Dad when he needs to potty, and he gets SO proud of himself. We give him tons of praise, never admonish or punish, and let him lead. Yes, he's very young, but they're never too young to start, IMO. My now 5 year old was completely trained at 18 months old, with the rare accident at night, but he still has once every 3-4 months.
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