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Re: Teething.

Oh I am sorry mama! Teething sure sucks. My kid is definitely one who is extra sensitive to them (some kids seem to sail through with just a bit of discomfort). We are dealing with two year molars right now and they are NOT fun.

I'd try again with the medicine. I have found ibuprofen seems to work a bit better for my son. And the stuff we buy tastes good and my son is pretty happy to take it (although I imagine the Tylenol you gave your son is probably pretty similar taste-wise). Maybe some Hyland's teething tablets would help a bit? They dissolve quickly and are pretty easy to give them.

Maybe try wrapping an ice cube in a wash cloth and tying it off, and letting him suck and chew on that? Maybe some frozen berries (like blueberries or raspberries) would help?
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