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Re: Opinions please abuse or different parenting?

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
most of it sounds cultural.

but you might want to address the helmets and carseats - they just might not understand that they can get in legal trouble for it.

After that, if they want to play with your kids, they need to play by your house rules. So, that's what I'd require. With any kid. From any culture. At any age.

If you're worried about being offensive, you could probably get some pamphlets about both items from the internet or police department and leave them on their door.

As far as the clothes, well, unless the child looked bothered, I wouldn't worry. If they look cold or are shivering, then you might take a different approach.
I agree. I think it's probably mostly just different parenting. And they probably are new to the safety issues...lets face it, a lot of those laws haven't been around for a super long time, and in Africa it's probably not even close to the same. I wouldn't call. And I agree with the clothes. It's one thing if they act like their freezing, otherwise maybe they're just really hotblooded. I personally wouldn't even be too pushy with the carseats/helmets. Yes it's law. But honestly, are you going to call someone in every time they're speeding with children in the backseat? Or speeding at all? That's law too. I do think you should talk to the parents and maybe build a relationship with them and then mention the safety/legal issues. If you inform them about the situation and they don't do anything, well, that's their choice. Let them get pulled over and get a ticket. But I wouldn't do anything else about it.

I do think that if they are at your house, they should follow the guidelines you set and respect your stuff. Make it clear that if they don't, they will not be there and then follow through. Good luck!
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