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Originally Posted by TooBusyBearcubs
Oh, wow.
Honestly, if it was me, I would start by analyzing my own motives. Are my feelings about how the kids treat me & my kids playing into my desire to do something? Not saying that is the case with you, but it would be easy to do, and it is better to check yourself either way.
That's exactly why I started this thread
I would like to think I'm more concerned about their safety/ well being .
That's why they were here constantly until I got pregnant even though they drive me crazy.
I glossed over a few things. It gets so cold here in the winter that exposed skin freezes quickly. I'm not just talking cold but dangerously cold.
FWIW I gave a coat to the little guy anonymously as well as a helmet.

I will not talk directly to them because I don't want Neighbour drama. I unintentionally got involved in some in our last neighborhood.
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