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Re: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help me potty train my DS

My first son didn't PL until after he was three; he seemed like he understood the whole concept, so I did naked time at home along with a sticker chart and maybe some treats (I think marshmallows but, to be honest, I don't totally remember). He had a few accidents, but was fully day trained within a month.

My second son has not been as interested, I think partly b/c he loves his cloth diapers and is not such a fan of his undies (Trimsies Trainers I made). But I've been doing the naked time during the day, he gets a candy corn and a sticker on his chart when he goes. He isn't always paying attention though; he was doing naked time yesterday and had a small pee pee accident in the dining chair, but then I took him to the potty to finish. He will definitely pee on the grass outside, doesn't pee the pool any more (but also won't wear his swim trunks )
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