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Re: July Chat Thread

Feeling better at 13 weeks. I've outed myself to everybody in the "inner circle" but not yet on FB.

Still a bit cranky, I've actually lost 5 lbs since getting preggo (no vino and no appetite for 12 weeks did the trick). Most people have commented on my looking thinner and I kind of giggle to myself. Esp funny because an old "evil" boss saw me a few months before getting preggo,(when I've weighed the same for about 1 year) and asked if I was preggo and even told me that I looked as if I might be "4 mos along". Keep in mind when I was 4 mos preggo, no one knew I was and I wore regular pants until 8.5 mos. But she's the kind who pretends to be nice so she can stab in the back.

I am feeling completely unmotivated at work and have learned to love the dust bunnies collecting under my furniture. I mean, the kids need pets, right?
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