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Re: Let's talk dishes

Originally Posted by mrspopo View Post
I'm just baffled by the having hardly any dishes thing. That family rarely cooks, and the kids fend for themselves. So I guess that makes sense.

We do have a dishwasher but DH is ridiculously picky about washing them. He thoroughly scrubs and washes each item before putting it in, and it's sparsely full. I could easily fit triple the dishes in there. He likes to have it so every cup/bowl etc is perfectly flat and not touching anything else. Drives me crazy, but since I don't do them it's not my place to complain. He likes to remind me about when I put a cooking sheet in without washing it first and everything came out covered in fishstick bread crumbs. If he didn't wash them so thoroughly they'd all come out dirty like that.
My FIL does that too. I get the baking pan issue, but the other stuff looks completely clean to me when FIL puts it in the dishwasher! I'd be putting it away in the cabinet!

We don't have a dishwasher and we have a very small kitchen so everything has to be washed after every meal. I have 10 dinner and side plates and about 6 kid plates. Probably 6 bowls. If we don't wash the dishes after a meal then there is no counter space to make the next meal.

4 plates is weird. Do they have absolutely no friends?
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