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Re: Anyone else excited about labor?

Lots of homebirths!! And VBAC (and attempted VBAC) mamas are my heros. It's close to my heart because my niece was born via emergency c-section, transferred after an ideal labor at home. She just would NOT descend into the birth canal. My sister tried so hard to have a vaginal birth with her 2nd and was all the way at 8 cm without any meds buy the baby's heart rate was concerning the Doctor and he basically told her it was a c-section or lose the baby. She's TTC #3 and praying for a VBAC at home this time.

I took Bradley classes with DS1 and so during labor I try to be practice the slow, rhythmic breathing. I'm going to try hypnobabies this time though. I'm intrigued by the idea.

I definitely don't enjoy every moment of labor, but overall I love the experience. I think it's incredibly exciting too.
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