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Re: Opinions please abuse or different parenting?

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
most of it sounds cultural.

but you might want to address the helmets and carseats - they just might not understand that they can get in legal trouble for it.

After that, if they want to play with your kids, they need to play by your house rules. So, that's what I'd require. With any kid. From any culture. At any age.

If you're worried about being offensive, you could probably get some pamphlets about both items from the internet or police department and leave them on their door.

As far as the clothes, well, unless the child looked bothered, I wouldn't worry. If they look cold or are shivering, then you might take a different approach.
I agree with this. When I was 5, 6, 7 I ran around outside barefoot all the time. I rode bikes without a helmet (not a law then, of course), I wore shorts in the freezing cold (just didn't get that cold then, don't know why), went to school with wet hair on freezing cold days, etc... And I was most most certainly NEVER neglected or even close!!!

As for the helmet/carseat thing... I'd just leave some educational material in their mailbox and let it go. Honestly, if the kids were suffering true neglect (no food, no care, etc...) or abuse then you should call, but otherwise it's not your place.
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