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Is it just MY son???

DS is SO busy. I don't mean, he's busy, I mean he never ever stops moving, even if we are reading a book or even in bed sleeping he is constantly moving. Recently 2 mothers of 2-year-old boys were at our house and they were watching DS run around and one of them finally looked at DH and said "does he not ever sit still???" My own mom raised my 2 brothers and she is stunned at how busy DS is.

When we pick him up from daycare he is usually the ONLY one who is covered from head to toe in whatever they've been doing that day---paint, marker, chalk, playdoh, food, water, mud---whatever it is, we find it in his hair, behind his ears, all over his clothes (90% of his clothes are permanently stained with some substance). The other kids may be a little dirty, but not like him!

Does anyone else have a boy like this? Just super physically active and messy as all get out? He loves to read books, but he basically is moving the whole time. I used to dream of the day when he would quietly sit and do an activity while I read or worked or whatever. I'm coming to realize that day will probably not ever come

Please share your stories so I don't feel so alone!
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