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Re: Quick Help- Swollen Penis

My DS is intact and it requires no extra work to clean. In fact, it was easy to clean when he had horrible poop diapers that got everywhere because the foreskin protected the head of his penis and wiped off easily. Now that he is almost 5 and it retracts (by his own hand!), we just remind him to "open his penis" for a min in the bath or shower so it gets rinsed and that's it. No issues with it being stinky or anything. Nice and clean with a bit of water to rinse it.

When he was in cloth diapers in the summer, he would get blisters on his penis just under the foreskin. I don't remember it getting swollen, but we had to use sposies at night because the heat and sweat and pee in the diaper did not mesh well for him. Hope your DS is ok.
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