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Originally Posted by dancermommy1

I know it's hard to defend a statement like that, which would have boiled my blood as well, but... you really never know what it was like where they came from, or what they have been through since they have been here in the US. Maybe they have had a hard time adjusting to the culture, maybe people have been pushy with them/pried into their lives/made them feel bad about their cultural identity. Maybe things like that have driven him over the edge of politeness and into a state of defensiveness.

Or, maybe he's truly an *** who hates women and doesn't take care of his kids. But, the point is, you don't know yet which one is occurring. Maybe you could get to know his wife? You might get a better picture of what's going on, then.
I think that situation was with prior neighbors, correct?

I think it sounds neglectful, absolutely. I would call. Children's services is there to help people that need it - honestly, it sounds to me as if these people need the help. I don't care whether it's a cultural practice or not, if one if these kids get hit by a car or gets frostbite or flies through the windshield in a car accident, they aren't going to suffer any less just because it wasn't intentional on the parents part.
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