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Re: Would it make a difference to you? (picking a pediatrician)

The only issue for me would be the personality.
-DH and I discussed the whole vax thing while pg. We planned to vax regular schedule, and DH was very adamant that he did not want a Pedi who allowed no vax (delayed vax would have been okay). He was very concerned about what happens when you mix vax and nonvax kids KWIM?
-same day sick visits are huge. also, is there a nurse you can call for times when you're just not sure, or maybe a chat with a nurse would mean you don't need to go in? what are their after hours policies?
-close by is also huge. taking sick LO to a doctor further away... not for me
-is it just one doc? What happens when she is away? Who will actually do your well baby visits, her or a nurse?
-Can YOU deal with her personality? This is pretty important because you are going to be seeing her a LOT the first month or two (even if LO is 100% healthy) and you will be tired, stressed, and unsure. A jarring personality is not going to help the situation. You really want a doctor that you feel comfortable with.

Keep in mind you can ALWAYS switch after LO arrives, although it's easier to make a decision now.
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