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Originally Posted by DottieHarley
The only issue for me would be the personality.
-DH and I discussed the whole vax thing while pg. We planned to vax regular schedule, and DH was very adamant that he did not want a Pedi who allowed no vax (delayed vax would have been okay). He was very concerned about what happens when you mix vax and nonvax kids KWIM?
-same day sick visits are huge. also, is there a nurse you can call for times when you're just not sure, or maybe a chat with a nurse would mean you don't need to go in? what are their after hours policies?
-close by is also huge. taking sick LO to a doctor further away... not for me
-is it just one doc? What happens when she is away? Who will actually do your well baby visits, her or a nurse?
-Can YOU deal with her personality? This is pretty important because you are going to be seeing her a LOT the first month or two (even if LO is 100% healthy) and you will be tired, stressed, and unsure. A jarring personality is not going to help the situation. You really want a doctor that you feel comfortable with.

Keep in mind you can ALWAYS switch after LO arrives, although it's easier to make a decision now.
If I call before 4pm I can either speak with a nurse about a possible sickness, or I can leave a msg for the dr to answer and a nurse will call me back with the answer by 5pm. If it's an emergency the dr will either call me back immediately or tell me to go to the children's hospital downtown (she does not like any of her patients to go to our local hospitals unless it's for minor things like stitches/casts/etc she said that if it's emergent enough to go to the hospital it's important that they go where the drs specialize in children's medicine)

After hours they have a nursing answering service? But I would not get any feedback from a dr until the next day.

It's a 3 dr practice with a 4th job share dr so that they always have 3drs on site. She would actually do the well baby visit as long as you book 1 month in advance otherwise it's whichever dr can fit you in without compromising their sick baby time slots.

I can handle her personality she is very similar to my peri (actually they are friends) but I feel like she should be nice/positive/happy with my lo if that makes sense? I'm not sure if it's really that big of a deal or not and I'm just hormonal
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