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Re: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help me potty train my DS

IME, wait. Don't jump at the first sign of anything. Saying after the fact is a good indication that he is becoming aware but probably not that he has control. With both my boys they had plenty of naked time over the course of time just because I belive it is good for the skin to not be in a diaper all day. They may have been a little more aware because of this because when they did have an accident there was an immediate response of me cleaning it up/ talking about it. I waited a few months after my boys started showing readiness signs to actually "train" them. We went straight to undies w/ pullups/diapers at night. My ds1 is 5.5 and day trained within 3 weeks and only 2 poopy accidents (thank god!) he is just now night training because the boy is an extremely heavy sleeper. I started training ds2 on june 5th ( he is 29 mo) and he has not had an accident in 2 1/2 weeks. He also wakes dry and pees a ton when he gets up so I think he will be night trained before his brother.

eta: for both boys the first few days were spent at home or grandma's naked, the next few undies only then after that fully clothed.
Both use the toilet at home and in the beginning I kept a potty in the back of the van for emergencies.
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