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Originally Posted by danner
Here is how I see it, if this is your first child.

In the beginning, you'll be going to the ped frequently. A lactation consultant is a nice thing to have. Being so close is a huge bonus, and it's really nice to have your baby's ped visit in the hospital. If you are considering vaxing on schedule, then go with these folks. You can always switch when/if you decide to delay or when you feel you or your child aren't clicking with the ped. You'll know after your 9 month checkup. After that, you'll have enough mama experience under your belt to handle a longer drive.

Nothing is set in stone. This ped sounds like your best bet for right now.
Thanks for this... I think that I can't ignore all the positives for the few cons that might not even bother me when my daughter is born. And the closeness is a huge pro, I'm so tired of driving downtown for my ob and peri visits I doubt I'm going to want to do that when she is here
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