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Re: Can spanking cause mental illness

My worry with studies like this is that it is taken to an extreme degree.....parents start feeling that ANY discipline will cause permanent damage in their children or mental illness. There are more and more studies that scare and dissuade parents from various forms of discipline and less and less that promote what a parent CAN do, what DOES result in a happy and healthy child, etc. I have seen numerous studies about everything from timeoust to other forms of punishments are just a dangerous as spankings. Perhaps I am rambling here....and of course, people cannot control HOW parents apply the studies findings....but I have a big concern for parents today feeling that they cannot parent at all for fear that someone will think they are being to harsh or abusing their kids. I personally feel that there IS a big difference between spanking appropriately and abuse. But there are many people that feel that timeouts, loss of privilege, chores as punishment, missing meals if you dont eat what is offered, etc, etc are just as damaging to a child as spanking or are even considered abuse/neglect. Why dont we talk more about what we CAN do instead of all the things that we CANT do? I dont think that spankings are the universally answer but I do feel that parents as a whole are extremely lax and permissive these days. As someone who works in the childcare field, it is exhausting and disheartening to see. Some of these parents are good, hard working people who are scared by multiple studies about everything under the sun and dont see what options they have left but a hands off parenting style. Just some extra things to think about.
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