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Re: Opinions please abuse or different parenting?

Originally Posted by mommy24babes View Post
That's exactly why I started this thread
I would like to think I'm more concerned about their safety/ well being .
That's why they were here constantly until I got pregnant even though they drive me crazy.
I glossed over a few things. It gets so cold here in the winter that exposed skin freezes quickly. I'm not just talking cold but dangerously cold.
FWIW I gave a coat to the little guy anonymously as well as a helmet.

I will not talk directly to them because I don't want Neighbour drama. I unintentionally got involved in some in our last neighborhood.
Yeah, from your original post, I figured that actually talking to them was not something you were comfortable with, and I understand why - even better now, a few posts later.

I hear you about Ontario winters, too. I imagine it gets colder than it does here, and stays colder longer, so I can see why you'd be concerned.

I honestly don't know about making a call in this case. If it were me, I'd probably think & pray on it for a while longer... I also wonder what other stuff they aren't aware of. :/
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