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Re: Would it make a difference to you? (picking a pediatrician)

Originally Posted by ivparker View Post
The no delayed vaxing would be a dealbreaker for me even if I fully vaxed on schedule. I think when drs. have a very close minded approach to vaxing, it also may lead to other treatments. I would want a dr that cares and trusts that parents are capable of making decisions for their children.
Me too! If she isn't willing to budge on vaxxing, guess what's going to happen when something comes up and you don't agree with her. I mean anything, like you don't want a test she wants for the LO, or you'd rather not do antibotics for a ear infection. This to me says that it's her way, or the highway. I need someone who will listen to me and respect my point of view, even if she doesn't agree. To be honest, it doesn't sound like she would have time to listen to you, and if she did, her personality sounds like she wouldn't exactly be warm and caring about things. I would find somewhere else.

Also...on the vax thing...what if a child in her care has a major reaction? Too bad, you have to vax on schedule anyway? Eek.
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