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Let me start off by saying, my family has worked with african refugees since 2000. We invited them to live in our home, they worked in my fathers company, we go to church together, we welcome new children and attend weddings together. When I move, I look for a new African community to involve myself in.

Let me also say, I have been in a CPS situation in my life. So I know what neglect really is.

The things you are talking about are very cultural. The carseat thing.... There are Americans who think this is all ok... Why would they know any different? I would say that they don't look for parenting advice on the internet? Wouldn't that seem redonculous to cultures who are family oriented... So I would assume it would be lack of knowledge about the law.

I don't know if the guy who was rude to you was the same person or not, (sounds to melikw an old neighbor?)but the African culture is more than male dominated... We had to teach the men that they are no longer allowed to "cane" their wives... So if you decide to say something... Talk to the wife only or get your husband to talk to the husband.

I would probably befriend the family... Even if the male is not someone you would want to be friends with... Maybe the woman would like to have company and your children could play together.
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