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Re: Opinions please abuse or different parenting?

Could be cultural to some degree...but if the parents have been here for 15 years, I would imagine that some of these things would have become obvious to them that they're not following the "norm". If all of the kids were born in the US, were carseats not brought up to them at least at the hospital? By the school? Lack of proper winter would pretty obvious when dropping your kid off at school that his coat is considerably thinner & worn compared to those of the other wouldn't he be whining that he's cold (goodness knows my kids would be if they were cold ) I don't know...while I can see cultural differences possibly playing into it to some degree, I would also say there is a concerning lack of supervision and neglect going on as well. I'm definitely not the "call DHS/CPS" for everything type...but I think in this case I personally would call...if anything, it will be brought to the parents attention that the kids need more supervision, need adequate clothing/shoes, and that there are laws in place about carseats & helmets....let the system decide from there if there is anything more concerning.

That said...just because they have a big house & cleaning person doesn't mean they necessarily have money. They could be being provided for them by somebody, they could be ridiculously house poor and just place a priority on having somebody come in to help clean (and heck, they could be bartering for that or it could be a gift), etc. The coat thing by itself doesn't really bother me kids don't wear anything heavier than a thin fleece pullover/jacket in the winter (granted, we're not 30 below here in southern Illinois, but it still gets pretty cold), and they're all sweating like crazy in those. They each *maybe* own two long sleeved shirts. They're just incredibly warm-blooded. I know some of the parents at their school have expressed concern and even have talked about them/us behind my back (my sister walked up on them chatting about it outside pre-k pickup and nobody realized who she was), but their teachers & even the principal were told ahead of time & understand the reasoning. They have gloves & hats available, and we have heavier coats at home that they CAN wear if they want...but I'm not going to give my kid heatstroke in a big puffy coat just so other parents can feel better about them either, kwim?
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