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Originally Posted by american_mommy
So my last 2 pregnancies I didn't get the downs syndrome testing done. I am a bit annoyed with my dr though because he didn't even ask me at my last appointment if I wanted to and I just was realizing that by the time I go back I will be close to 16 wks so too late, right?
I am not overly concerned about DS but would like another u/s just to see the baby But I am also 35 and I know risk increases with age. My dh thinks I am being silly about asking to get the tests because its too late anyway if something were there and that's true but if I had a baby with something like DS I would be able to learn about it before birth instead of being shocked by a baby at birth having a problem.
What do you all think?
The last day it can be done is 13 weeks and 6 days. I'm getting it done for a couple reasons. 1) we have a family history of DS and CF, 2) I wanna see the baby!
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