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Originally Posted by Joyful Tie Dyes
When did breaking the law(s) and neglecting children become acceptable under "cultural differences" If they have been here 15 years they have no excuse for not knowing the law!

Consider your answer this way. If the family was American would you call?
People have different definitions of neglect. Without actually talking to the family, it's hard to tell if CPS should be involved... When I contemplate calling CPS, nationality is not an issue.. What is... Should this family have their children taken away? I was living in govt housing, my mom never had a job, there were drugs around, she came home drunk, we didn't have a clean bathtub or clothes, we were being starved. There was a time my aunt came over and found my 17 month old sister. She had gotten out of her crib and was sitting in the pantry floor eating cereal off of it...

That is neglect... This situation... Doesn't seem to warrant CPS.
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