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Re: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help me potty train my DS

Boys, more so than girls, tend to just have better things to do than stop and go to the potty. The biggest trick is to find what motivates your little guy. Pushing will turn it into a power struggle, and you absolutely do not want that.

We're currently in the middle of training DS2, who will be 3 in September. His current favorite motivator is food coloring. A couple of weeks ago, he had to go just after I had cleaned the toilet, and the blue cleaner was still in the water. He didn't want to pee in it, so I told him that if he did, it would turn green. So now we keep a bottle of bluing (used food coloring instead if you can - it doesn't stain like the bluing does) on the shelf above the toilet and add a couple of drops just before he goes. He thinks it's incredibly cool to pee on the drops - gives him a target, and it makes the color swirl through the water.

He actually prefers to go potty when we're out - he's thrilled with toilets that flush themselves. Also, the family bathroom at our local Walmart has a kid-sized toilet that he thinks is awesome.
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