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Hand held "gaming system" for kids

I am looking to get my children some sort of hand held gaming system for their b-days or Christmas this year (all the same time of year). I really don't know anything about any of them. I'm thinking of something like when I was a kid, like a Gameboy from Nintendo. Hopefully, that gives and idea of what I'm thinking of. I don't want/need the best around. I just want something they can play with when we are at Dr. visits or on long car trips or the like. It isn't something I want them to have access to all the time or even on a daily basis. So, something basic would do. My children are 6, 4, 4. I would like something that has the ability to have educational games, but it doesn't have to only be that. And, I like it to be able to "grow with them," meaning for the 4 year olds, they don't need a new one in a year or two because they out-grow it.

Any recommendations so I can start researching would be great! Thanks!!
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