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Re: Need your preferences

My sister and I used Gdiapers with disposable inserts for a week before we got rid of them. We both really liked the idea (and how cute are they?), but pad always shifted and the pee and poop got on the shell (literally every time for me). I had to wash it each time because it was on the leg portion and couldn't be wiped clean. It was disappointing. I cannot account for the washable inserts though. Those might work very well.

This time around I went for Flip diapers (a cover that you can wipe down) with prefolds and that works for us. We fold the diaper and lay it in the cover for our toddler, and we'll use pins and the cover with our expected little one. They do have cloth and disposable inserts that go with it like with the Gdiaper, but I haven't tried those.

Good luck and congrats to you and your daughter! I hope she absolutely loves whatever gets!
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