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Originally Posted by danner
I think some people are too quick with CPS. If they are doing things that are against the law, then it could conceivably be a police matter, but if I were you, I'd mind my own business just like he advised. He probably knows you're out to start trouble for his family and wants to keep you far away, as I would. I wouldn't give you the time of day if you started judging my parenting and nosing around my home.
Just wanted to respond to this.
I am certainly not out to start trouble for anyone.
The situation was with a previous Neighbour.
I only know what I do because I volunteered in the little boys class and saw him day after day sad with no snack eating whatever the teacher happened to have in her desk.

Trying to do up his coat with the broken zipper when it is well below freezing outside( think when they open extra shelter beds because homeless people are freezing to death!)
knowing that he has to walk to and from school in it.
Also that I was a Hangout for probably 6 months.

I know I make choices with my kids that people may not agree with ( co sleeping, extended breastfeeding, even extended rearfacing)
I would be upset if someone called Cps on me.
I'm not s#*! Disturber just concerned.
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