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Re: 3+ c-sections- please share stories and info!

Originally Posted by png_lovebirds View Post
Just had my 5th Csection!! My Doc said my uterus had "thinned as we expected it would" but it wasn't dangerously thin and she said I could have another baby if I wanted!

It should be a case by case basis on how many Csections you can have!!
I don't really understand the thin uterus that drs say. When I had my 3rd my ob told me that my uterus was paper thin that if we waited even a day longer it might have ruptured. She said for future babies we should think about having a cs earlier. For baby #4, she must have forgotten and didn't write it down, I had my cs scheduled for a couple days before my due date. For #4 and #5 both times she never mentioned anything about my thin uterus and even her and the other ob that was workign with her for my 5th said that I looked better inside then people who have had only 1 cs. So I don't get the thin uterus thing or at least why they use that to determine future cs. I didn't say anything to her because I did my own research and found that uterus is suppose to be really thin.
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