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Re: 3+ c-sections- please share stories and info!

Originally Posted by ivparker View Post
I don't really understand the thin uterus that drs say. When I had my 3rd my ob told me that my uterus was paper thin that if we waited even a day longer it might have ruptured. She said for future babies we should think about having a cs earlier. For baby #4, she must have forgotten and didn't write it down, I had my cs scheduled for a couple days before my due date. For #4 and #5 both times she never mentioned anything about my thin uterus and even her and the other ob that was workign with her for my 5th said that I looked better inside then people who have had only 1 cs. So I don't get the thin uterus thing or at least why they use that to determine future cs. I didn't say anything to her because I did my own research and found that uterus is suppose to be really thin.
I was told the concern was when the uterus becomes so thin you can actually see the baby through the uterine wall. Obviously only the doctors doing your section will know this. They told me I had this problem as well as extensive scar tissue.

On the day I was to go home with our youngest an intern actually told me baby and I would possitively die if I were to become pregnant again. My OB said it was not quite so dire but my risks of severe complications were definitely much greater than average.
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