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Re: August 2011 mamas - July chat


ugh, I am super annoyed and super hot....and not hot in a good way (go ahead, ask my about my weight, I dare ya ])
:waiti ng:

ok, now that i've got that out of the way...

and scared everyone out of the thread...

I am now ok *whew* wayne works late tonight and I've just got to blow off some steam. thankgoodness for angry smilie faces...other wise I'd have to take it out on some dishes or something, and heaven forbid I do housework .

sheesh, sydney was in fine form today...called me "stupid mommy" and was an absolute sass all afternoon. and now I've been trying to get her to bed for an hour. she is probably in the hallway now, but as long as she is quiet and I don't know for sure, I'm fine with it. she hates sleeping in her room and always complains about being scared, about not knowing how to sleep and a few other things over and over. she has a cd player, a fan, a light, toys, her fav pillow and blankets and we even "spray" (fabreeze) for spiders cuz a couple surprised her a while back and of course she still remembers. add to it, the fireworks are coming tomorrow and the local partiers will be lighting off their own for a few weeks to follow and she will be in our room for weeks again.

i just want my own room and some time to myself at the end of the day. is that too much to ask!?!?!?! I know, I know, with little kids, yes.

shoot, I'd love to just pee by myself. I almost took an entire shower by myself the otherday...almost. then elijah came in at the tail end, just as I was hurrying up to avoid kids. someone can't go more than 4 minutes without trying to kill someone else around here.

for crying out loud...she just came in so I can tie a knot on her fleece robe.

I give up!
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