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I need to vent.......and scream......well, both. Oh, and cry.....which I have done.

Ok, I'm so fuming mad at myself. I will preface that I realize it isn't the end of the world and it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of life, but it is a big thing for the girls.

The girls have a regional swim meet coming up and I had responded right away with the days they would swim. This was over a week ago. A couple of days before the meet deadline. Today at practice I noticed the swimmer events were posted on the board so I went to see what they were swimming and couldn't find them listed. I know I sent the email. I know I did. I talked to their coach and she said she never got an email from me. I couldn't breathe. I knew I sent it. I check my sent box and there it was. I knew I had sent it. Then I look closely and realize I missed part of her email. I did send it and she never got it. The deadline has now come and gone and the meet host is very strict about it. I can't even describe how upset and sad I am. The girls have worked so hard for this final meet and it was the last chance or DD1 to make the JO medley relay team for breaststroke. I felt/feel sick.

Their coach is going to try to get them in, but it is going to cost us 6X the amount PER event. So, now they will be in only a couple of events instead of the ones they should be in and my parents will be in town to watch them. Oh, man. Still mad, sad, sick, and just blah..........
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