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Re: If you vaccinate your kids, does it bother you when other people dont?

I haven't had time to read this whole thread, but will when I can.
We vax for what we CAN vax for - a family history of deafness caused by a reaction to one vaccine plus some allergies and a kid with a seizure disorder severely limit that, though. On top of not being able to be fully vaxed, two of our kids have significant immune deficiencies, so ANY illness can be a major thing in our house. A minor cold for the other two kids throws my 7 into a sinus infection and pneumonia easily and the 1 year old into sinus infection, horrendous asthma symptoms, and bacteremia within a few days.
We're part of a couple local homeschool groups where not vaxing is the norm and I'm ok with it in principal, but wish that people (vaxers and non-vaxers alike) would keep their kids HOME when they're ill rather than exposing everyone else. We've had significant outbreaks of measles, mumps, and pertussis within our larger hs group and another large group with a lot of overlapping members, and it's made me leery of taking the boys to anything with the group. I HATE that I have to be afraid to let my 7 yo (who is also on the autism spectrum and has trouble making friends) play with his few good friends because they are unvaxed and very active participants within the group where these things are being passed around.
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