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Re: Would it make a difference to you? (picking a pediatrician)

I think this all depends on what type of patient you are. I think this doc is clearly a 'my way and no other way' doc. If that suits you, I think she's probably great. If she is very medically competent then that is also great if you have a child with huge medical needs.

I have personally had a doc like that before and although I thought it was fine at the time, I much prefer my new doc. I really have no way of knowing who is the 'better' doc, but I generally feel that the doc who listens to me and seems to care how I feel has a better chance of making me better in a way that I want.

My kids also do not have medical needs beyond the norm. In fact, we don't need a doctor. A RN would be just fine for every visit we've ever had, but that isn't how it works!
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