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If she's not willing to discuss vaccine options, and it must be done per her requirements/"the schedule", it makes me think...

1) Is she strictly practicing medicine by the books she learned from on EVERYTHING? Does she assess or evaluate YOUR child or is it the same 1-size-fits all medicine?
No 2 babies are alike. There's a general box of things it USUALLY is. What if it's not?

Example: I have 1 child with a severe pollen allergies that started at 3 months old. That's unusual, as most children don't develop pollen allergies until after 1 year (a full year of exposure to the seasons). This threw the pediatrician covering our doctor's vacation into a whirlwind as she very unwillingly sent us to a specialist with her "it's not normal" attitude. She was right, it wasn't "normal", and whether it's that she didn't want to do anything because a book didn't tell her it was okay to think for herself or not, she didn't address DD's obvious issue {swollen face & eyes... think lion face super-bad!} without us asking for an doctor on staff to evaluate our child before we left.

2) Cookie cutter medicine is not a great approach. Very shortsighted or very strict views don't allow for the treatment of the patient, but rather just the ailment/issue.

Example: Kid #2, DS, was 4 months old & 18 lbs. a giant of a baby in length as well! Our beloved pediatrician failed us. She advised giving him (1) 4oz bottle of water a day instead of letting him nurse at that meal, because he's off the growth chart and "too big". She was new school on many things, but followed the old school convention of all infants conforming to size no greater than 90-95th percentile. Once again, we heard the "i've never seen a baby that big before. He barely fits on the scale." We asked for a referral to a Peds GI specialist before we took any drastic measures, like her suggested water diet. The GI noted his extreme length & sheer girth, calculated his caloric needs and viola!... He's had the same growth pattern, and is an above average kid in height and weight, thus he has above average caloric needs. (Duh!). We still see the pediatrician, as on all other marks, she's a great fit for the kids.

Make the decision you are most comfortable with, but be willing to re-evaluate your needs. Doctors are as good as they want to be. And even the best doctor, doesn't always make the right decision. Good luck!

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