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Originally Posted by TooBusyBearcubs
I didn't read all of the other comments yet (I will go back in a few mins), but I used to work at a peds practice, and I can tell you that if a doctor informs you up front that she is THAT busy, that is not a good sign.
Everyone is talking about the vax issue, but it is really only a small part of what peds do. If she has already told you that she schedules well visits a month out, then IME, she is too busy to be taking new patients. What she isn't telling you is that during high-volume time for physicals (spring and fall, and sometimes over winter break), if you are firm on seeing only your doc for well visits, you will need to schedule 8-10 weeks out (sometimes more). Heaven help you if you have to reschedule. Also, the kind of doctor you describe is far more likely to expect you to simply follow her instructions without question. Be prepared for a lecture if your instincts ever prompt you to do anything other than what she advises. This does not just apply to vaccines, but to all of the issues that come up in the process of parenting.

I have worked for doctors like what you describe, and when DS was an infant, this is the kind of doctor we had. Greats credentials, very popular, very strict with their policies, and very inflexible. They always, always went with the mainstream ideas on everything (didn't usually have/take the time to look deeper), and often seemed to be operating under the assumption that parents are uninformed. If I had left it up their busy schedule and inflexible attitude, DS' sleep issues (later diagnosed @ Vanderbilt) would have gone completely undiagnosed. Like, ever.
I'd look for another doctor who can give you great care AND a great attitude. They are out there. We have a fantastic ped now, who doesn't beat around the bush, but is also kind to me and the children, and demonstrates respect for my instincts.

It's the "I didn't read it in my textbook/I can only do it one way/if it doesn't fall in the 'box' I don't know how to think for myself/I'll tell them babies are 'supposed to cry'" attitude. My babies didn't cry unless there WAS something wrong. Add block feeding for nursing mothers and the notion babies should sleep 10-12 hours to conform to parental lifestyles, and there's your recipe for failure to thrive. Grrr!
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