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I've traveled with my DD quite a bit. The easiest was when we went from Massachusetts to California at 2 months and then from CA to NYC at 6 months, both times alone. Our last trip to Florida was the most difficult because she was a mobile toddler.

All that to say, the air travel portion should be pretty easy, especially if you have DH with you. Based on your situation, I would use disposables. I find them easier in the airport and on planes, and it doesn't sound like you'll have a washing machine.

Do you babywear? I would wear your LO through the airport. It's much less hassle than a stroller, unless you need the stroller at your destination. As far as a carseat, you could either buy your LO a seat on the plane, have one waiting for you at your destination, or gate check it. If there are extra seats on board, they'll let you bring the carseat on.

I'm sorry about the reason for your travel.
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