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Re: Air/Hotel travel with an infant

We always use the hotels PNP, and do a lot of traveling. I take my own sheet. In all the times I've travelled (50+), they have never been gross. Most of the time, they are brand new or almost new since no one uses them. I would request one at your hotel for that kind of trip since it will just be a short trip.

Sposies are a must for traveling for us. We like Huggies and Target diapers because they have elastic in the back to help contain the poop, while Pampers do not.

I would bring a stroller so you have some place to put baby, and it works well as a luggage cart. IMO, strollers are a must for traveling. If you get stuck in an airport for 8 hours (yeah, happened to me), you'll be glad you have it. It also makes a place for baby to nap if you are at someone's home.

When picking your hotel, ask if they have laundry facilities. That way, if something really gross happens, you can through a quick load in.
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