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Yarn Destash: MM, DD, Yarnoodles, DBK, and more!

Prices now include shipping. I do own a cat. We do not smoke. US is preferred but I'll ship to other countries as long as you don't mind waiting until Saturday for me to get to the post office and we split the additional cost.

Mosaic Moon:

Anwen's Gown on LT (1 skein and the trim left) - $30ppd

Koweth on Cestari - $20ppd

Semi Solid Steel Blue on Mountain Meadow - 8 skeins - $21ppd each - 3 SOLD Remaining 5 - 20ppd each

Snow Princess on Mountain Meadow - $20ppd

Morrigan on Mountain Meadow - 7 skeins - $20ppd each

Ellyll on Cestari - 5 skeins plus 1 full trim - - 4 colorway SOLD - $80ppd for remaining four

Bean Sidhe on Kona Superwash - $50ppd

Bean Sidhe on Gaia Merino - $20ppd

Spices on LT - 52ppd - trim SOLD

Ravensong w/ Brown on Mountain Meadow - $40ppd

Rhiannon on LT - $52ppd - SOLD

Elements on Merino/Silk - $60ppd

Dragon Moon on LT - $40ppd

BPC Custom on MCN - $20ppd

La Belle Dame on Superwash - $40ppd

Morrigan Purple on LT - 5 skeins - $20ppd each

Samhain Skies on Mountain Meadow - 5 skeins - $20ppd each

Ravensong w/ Brown on Gaia Merino - $20ppd

Seadragon on Mountain Meadow - $40ppd

Chocolat on Mountain Meadow - $38ppd

Rhiannon on Superwash DK - $20ppd

Morrigan on Gaia Merino - $20ppd

Chocolat on Superwash Merino - $80ppd

Anwen's Gown on Superwash DK - $40ppd

Red Ming on Cestari - $50ppd

Disco Baby Knits :

True Colors on LT - $48ppd

Bella on Cestari - $46ppd

Japonaserie on Mountain Meadow - $48ppd

Fire Eater on Licorice Twist - $40ppd - trim sold

Western Sky Knits :

Bella on Aspen Sock - $20ppd

Carnivale Plum on Mountain Meadow - $30ppd

Holster on Mountain Meadow - $30ppd

Rustic Rainbow on Tweed Merino - $20ppd

Will add more later
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