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Re: Let's talk dishes

DH just has this thing with the dishes. The dishwasher is pretty new, and it's never had anything come out dirty ever. He's just really really really paranoid about dishes. He'll have maybe a dozen items on the top shelf that have already been washed by hand with soap and I'm thinking I could at least double if not triple the capacity. Especially if they are all basically clean to begin with. Whenever I bring it up he says they wont get clean and water wont be able to reach them if you stagger them or have anything touching.

If this is the worst of our disagreements I think we're doing alright. I *mostly* keep my mouth shut and let him do things his way, although I am planning on sneaking to the store and grabbing a few more spoons & forks. He usually takes a muffin for breakfast, and eats lunch at work - so he doesn't notice the lack of dishes.

The cousins that have virtually no dishes is still mind boggling to me. The mom says she likes to be able to finish the dishes in the evening in minutes because if they had more stuff it would take longer and she would never do them. They are very informal and don't care about rules. We've gone over there and with a big pie or something they'll scoop out bits onto a napkin and in the end there's no dishes besides the pan and serving spoon. They just make it work and sometimes their guests eat with their hands. Definitely not something I'd be interested in.
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