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Yeah...I would find a different doctor. I have a hard time being told what I can/can't do with my kids. She seems confrontational and too busy. I would be so turned off by someone acting too busy, to me it just seems elitist. Do these doctors forget that we pay their salaries??

I have gone to swanky pediatricians, average pediatricians and after my last home birth my baby needed to seen within 48 hrs of the birth. I couldn't find anyone who agreed to see him. I ended up taking him to the walk in clinic for medicaid recipients or people with no insurance. The pediatrician is fabulous. She CARES about people. I switched all three of my boys to her right away. Her office isn't fancy, you can tell most of her stuff is donated, but she is awesome. She cares about my kids, REMEMBERS me, doesn't give me crap about vaxs. She even asked me questions about homebirth and was genuinely interested.
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