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Re: Help:upset and need advice

Originally Posted by MamaJosie View Post
And I would not breathe a word to anyone if you decide to leave. I'd tell him he can be there for delivery, not for you but to see the baby but that you need some space right now. I know it seems awful but he had no problem being deceitful to do what was best for him and now you need to do what's best for baby. If he really is abusive, I just woundn't chance it. They usually warn first time moms that they likely will go past their due date, I'd take my chances on the plane but only you know if this is just new parent jitters on his part, his family getting in his ear or who he really is. Sorry you have this stress during what she be a purely happy time.
I know this was a month ago but just needed to say that I don't think it is a good idea to advise and overdue pregnant woman to take a 20 hour flight. I don't think any airlines would let you either. A pp mentioned they were able to but it seems like it was a shorter flight. I went to Hawaii with a pregnant friend and they said she couldn't fly past 34 weeks preggo. When you are over the ocean, how do you land during an emergency.
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