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Originally Posted by mommy24babes

Half the time there are no parents home. Let alone watching out the window. The kids are a couple blocks over, in peoples houses and yards ( sometimes without permission ) we padlocked our gate because of this.

My kids have asked to go over to play in the past (before I knew) and when I have gone to the door to see if it was ok with the parents /meet them there was no parents home.
Another parent went to pickup her child from playing and discovered there were no adults home.

The times they forgot their keys and were at my house no one let them in until 8:00.

I guess my tipping point for considering calling was discovering that they don't have proper carseats as well as seeing the little guy take a nasty spill on his bike with no helmet on.
If the kids are getting hurt while being unsupervised, I would call the police. They will call CPS if they think there is reason to. Good luck mama! It sounds like this family is right on the edge either way. Follow your heart
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