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Re: What no one tells you about a miscarriage - graphic

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
I'm do sorry mama. I buried my 10 week lost baby under my favorite tree. Gosh, I think of him every single time I am out there. I put a heavy rock over him. It's still there. It's very healing in a way to pass the baby naturally. Still took me a long long time not to cry constantly. But I am so glad I had that opportunity to 'hold' him
I think of my LO everytime I'm near my tree as well. It died which really sucks, and then the dog ate half of it... I had planted it in a planter as this is not a permanent home for us. So next year I'll put flowers in the planter. I thought about being upset that my tree died, but it is afterall a tree. I have the memory, and got to say goodbye. I am so utterly beyond glad I got to hold my tiny man, I will always cherish that.

Originally Posted by twinpossible View Post
jamiejo: I am SO sorry mama, as I read your post I became teary because it reminded me so much of my emotions around our loss. I started a group in the TTC forum called "TTC after Loss", all the women are amazing and will support you. I know you said you are TTA but maybe lurking for a while will give you some peace to start trying again. I wish I could say it gets easier but I still cry over the loss of baby River. I hope one day we will meet again.
I've known of your group for a while. Another from our nov12 DDG made sure I knew about it.
I don't really know where we are..... we werent trying when we got pregnant. In fact I thought we were done. Now I don't feel done even a little, but I have no idea when or if we'll try, or wait for another surprise. I dont have the best track record for charting
Thankyou for the support, and the invite. Today has been hard on me for some reason. I'm not even sure exactly why. Just one of those days I guess. I feel another blog post coming, it helps me process, and actually helps others. A close friend just had a loss about 3 weeks ago.... her grief reminds me so much of my own, that is not gone nor forgotten. It is lessened... but there are times I am still raw.
Knowing I am not alone helps. But why is it that we think that after a month, or two, or three that we shouldnt talk about it? that it should go away? Thats why this thread caught my eye. There is MUCH more about miscarriage that no one really tells you. Which is part of why i've been blogging, it should be this way.

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