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Re: Hand held "gaming system" for kids

Unfortunately, the ipod touch is significantly more expensive (from what I've seen) than the others. We really aren't looking to spend that amount. Also, my husband and I both agree that this is not going to be a daily toy. They are only going to be allowed to use it when we go on long car trips or when they need something quiet to do at the dr. office or the like, probably not even once a week. So, I'm really wanting something fairly basic.

I'm leaning toward the Leapster because it is the most affordable. My 6 year old has never really used any type of gaming device. His camera has a couple games on it that he plays sometimes and he has played a very little bit on an old ipod touch phone that my mom gave me a while back (I use it as an ipod touch. The phone part isn't active. But, all I do is play solitaire on it when I'm "policing" my kids to go to sleep or in a waiting room without my kids.) So, I really think the Leapster will be fine for him for a year or so. Then, we can see how these things are going to work out for our family and upgrade him in a year or so. Plus, with all of them having the same thing, we have to buy less games because they can share.

I'm still on the fence though about what to get. Still researching.
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