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Re: Would you tell your neighbour if their child was using racial slurs?

Yes but I've often found that's where the kids learn it. We had a kid doing that and his father found out and didn't punish him. My hubby said knowing the father, he probably picked it up at the dinner table.

Of course, I have a nephew who uses it not in a deragatory way, but because he thinks he's a rapper or some nonsense and that whole thug life/ghetto language is cool. I know for a fact that his mother doesn't talk like that and he's got friends of every race and they all do it. Apparently using niqqa or nigga is different from the traditional spelling in their mind and makes it not racist but cool.

I personally would not allow any of it but it's never been an issue with my son, maybe because I publicly threatened him with a wedgie followed by only tidy whities the first time I noticed the pants dipping a little low ))
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